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When we think of a “tree inventory”, we think it will take loads of time that we don’t have. We think it’s for special requests and big management projects.

Treezi is here to CHANGE that!

A tree inventory should be part of, and seamless with your estimating process. Having a tree location, quick description and photo of each tree might take a minute to add during your bid walk, but we promise it will save you SO much time, money, and miscommunication overall.

Tree care owners often play all roles in the business. Treezi allows you to step away from the day to day and have confidence that the tree you bid for removal is the same tree the crew will remove.

Here are 3 reasons why you should include a tree inventory for every single customer:

1. TRACK THE TREES. As you build your customer database, you also build a tree database! Begin thinking of the trees as your customers. Know exactly how many are under your “care”. Let’s say you treat for pests, like Emerald Ash Borer. You can quickly find which clients have Ash trees, see when you treated last, and then send out estimates easily through treezi.

2.TRACK THE WORK. How many times have you had to get on a call, or go back to the job site to make sure the crew is doing the right work on the work order? Treezi eliminates ALL that back-and-forth. AND, the crew can mark off each tree as they complete the work.

3. WOW THEM. It makes you look super pro. Clients love to see their trees, know what they have, and see all the work history and future recommendations. Why wouldn’t they use your services again and again??

If you’ve never done a tree inventory, treezi makes it super easy. SO easy that’s it’s actually kinda fun. We encourage you to give it a try, it may change your tree biz life.

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