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A suite of sweet features.

The stuff you need to run a tight business, without all the extra.

Operate like a champ.


Build and send tree-centric estimates in the field. Add photos, location and notes to every tree. Create clarity for your crews and clients.


Schedule approved jobs on your phone or desktop. Assign crew leaders and give visibility to your team.

Track Job Progress

Mark each tree item complete, track progress on every job. Transparency of what’s been done and what’s left to do.

A tree inventory that makes sense.

Speed is Everything

Handsaws down, the fastest tree inventory app out there. Automatically syncs to the cloud. No data loss even if you lose service.

Smart Auto-Fill

Auto-population of recent tree input data, which saves you time of inventorying rows of the same species.

Tree Tracking

Recommend multiple treatments on a single tree. Schedule it for future years. Use your tree inventory to manage year-over-year buisness.

Tree work, not free work.


Get an alert when a job is marked complete. Invoice directly from the app. Cut the time in your A/R process!

Receive Payments

[A coming soon feature!] Treezi gives the options to receive payments right in the app! So before you leave the job site, just swipe. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

Sync to QB

Treezi can integrate with QuickBooks Desktop, making it easy to keep your backend in order and up-to-date.

More good stuff.

Web Account Access

Your own custom URL for treezi Web access:  Company settings, customizable treatements & pricing, job calender, create & send estimates, invoices, and a WHOLE lot more!

Client Treezi Portal

Clients have easy access to all of their trees, estimates and invoices. Perfect for mutiple-property tree care management, and a great tool for client retention and customer value.

Pre-loaded Data

Treezi is preloaded with over 1,500 tree species, ANZI-standard pruning definitions, Plant Health Care treatment options, and pre-written email notifications. It’s ready to go when you are!

Performance Dashboard

See a dashboard view of you and your team’s sales performance. Know what’s been invoiced, who’s overdue and what’s been paid. The health of your company is just as important and the health of our trees!

treezi client porta
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