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Tree work is hard. Your tree service software shouldn’t be.

Enjoy an arborist software that’s easy, affordable, and with all the time-saving tools you need to run your tree care business.

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Simple, but powerful.

Spend less time on paperwork and wow your clients with how incredible your tree estimates look.

Run business from the bucket.

Use the app to mark tree items complete, send invoices and schedule your next job.


• You want to move away from paper, but tree service software is expensive and looks complicated.

• You’re tired of miscommunication between sales and crews about the job scope and which trees.

• You didn’t know you missed a stump and have to schedule a go-back.

• You can’t keep up with estimates or keep it all organized.

• Keeping track of past customers or history of work is impossible.

• Doing a tree inventory takes too long.


We had all these same headaches in our tree company (and more!), which is why we created treezi.

Treezi has features that will change your tree game.

From the initial client visit to scheduling to invoice, treezi makes every touchpoint a breezy.

Estimates that Shine

Photos, map, recommendations. It’s all there, clear work scope and made to impress.

Rapid Tree Inventory

Designed to quickly inventory and track trees, providing long term value to you and your client.

Scheduling & Calendar

Schedule work and assign a crew lead. Provide visibility of the job calendar to your whole team.

Track Work Progress

Was that stump done? Know exactly where you’re at with every job and what’s left to do.

Invoice Faster

No need to head back to the office, as soon as the work is complete, let that invoice fly!

Web Account

Login to your web account for a higher level of use and to experience MUCH more functionality.

Client Treezi Portal

Client access to their trees, estimates, invoices and work history. Link to share, no login required.

All in the Cloud

Everything is automatically synced, so it’s accessible online anytime, anywhere, any device.

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