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We made a lot of improvements on the treezi mobile side of things. Here are the highlights.


1. Treatment Overhaul

You’ll notice that we expanded and improved the interface and flow when adding Treatments to a proposal.

It is now much easier to:

  • Add to multiple proposals simultaneously
  • Swap treatments from one proposal to another

This is incredibly useful and time-saving in common circumstances such as:

  • Client wants several proposals such as “Priority” work and “Non-priority” work.
  • Client wants several options of tree care such as “Pruning” and “Removal” and “Plant Health Care”

The key difference here is that you can clear the default proposal you are adding to and be able to quickly switch between proposals and annual recommendations.

Watch tutorial here.

2. Work history on the tree

In the tree details page, if there is a ‘History of Work’ on the tree then you can tap to expand to see all the past work.

3. Itemized services

Added the ability to use ‘Itemized Services’ when building proposals.

You are able to create a list of predefined services add them as Presets to the Line Items on the proposals page.

Users with the proper permission can also manage these services from both the web and mobile app by creating, editing, or deleting them.

Watch tutorial here.


Other notable updates

Mobile Interface Tweaks:

  • “Live Search” is now on more screens with a search bar.
  • Overhaul of the ClientList, accessed from the ‘Clients’ tab on the main screens. The user can now view a list of Client or Properties more easily using the tabs at the top of the screen.
  • The old TreePhoto screen has now been fully replaced by the newly updated TreePhotoSwiper screen, the old TreePhoto screen would only allow the user to view a single tree photo at a time.
  • Added some logic to fix issues that would prevent edge padding from being properly used on some screens and devices.

Performance Improvement and Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the SpeciesList screen from going all the way back to the TreeDetails/TreeCreate screen after adding a new tree species.
  • Fixed a bug that would prompt the user to confirm canceling edit on the TreeDetailsScreen even when no data had actually changed.
  • Fixed other various bugs that were reported.


Stay tuned for more updates, we’ve been focusing a lot on the mobile side lately and we’ll soon switch focus over to the web app!


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