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Hi Friends!

Updating you on the latest over here on the treezi front.

Thank you to all who participated in the survey we last posted, you gave some very helpful insight!

We’re still coding away, and are 75% to completion towards our core feature release. We admit, we’re a bit behind our goal deadline, but we want to have a super sweet product right out of the gate, rather than something rushed and super whack. We all know how complicated and frustrating apps can be, making people want to launch their phones into the tree abyss.

While we’re a little behind in some aspects, we are ahead on others and still on target for a full release into the App Store at the TCI Expo on Nov. 7th. That is a fact. We are shooting to have an Android version ready at the same time, the priority is iOS at launch.

As crazy as it sounds, treezi is a side passion of A Plus and it has been our mission to create an affordable tech solution for this industry we love. Truly, this is a desire to give back. We have no outside funding or investors and are fully supported and sustained in-house, so we appreciate your patience on the development and release of treezi!

Below are some screen shots of our progress and what to expect:

Until next update…Leaf out ✌️

– Your Treezi Friends
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Please note: We will not be offering Treezi on the West Coast where A Plus Tree operates. Is it possible we may offer a limited version with a non-compete clause, but this will on a case-by-case basis. 

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