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Thanks to the feedback from our testers so far, we’ve made some fixes and upgrades, and pushed out a new update!

The update has the following changes:


  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Send Invoice’ button was not properly displayed after marking a job complete.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow users to enter a full state name instead of a state abbr. (from the client/property forms.)
  • Fixed issue where alphabetic characters were not allowed for zip codes in the client and site forms. (such as Canada Zip codes)


  • Added ability to use previously added tree details to auto populate the new tree form (Auto-fill button).
  • The ‘Complete Job’ button from the Job Details screen will now change to a ‘Send Invoice’ button when the job is marked complete.
  • Added small info bar at the bottom of the property, proposal, and job maps that gives a little summary.
  • Added the ability to convert a “Proposal” to a “Job” from the proposal details screen.


  • Changed ‘Incomplete Jobs’ on the main dashboard to ‘In Progress Jobs’
  •  Added a ‘Done’ button to property, proposal, and job maps.

We’ll be working on more changes and have another update soon!

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