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Why is treezi not available in CA, WA, OR and UT?

Treezi is a product of A Plus Tree, Inc, and built on the platform of ArborPlus, which is the software that runs the entire A Plus operations. In order to eliminate conflict of interest, or situations in which we compete against ourselves, we have restricted the use of Treezi in all the states A Plus operates in.

However, since A Plus is primaily a commercial tree company, there may be an opportunity for smaller residential-focused tree companies to use the Treezi app. If you’re in one of these states and still interested, please reach out to

Is it on Android?

Yes it’s on android. You can download from Google Play!

What is a "user" ?

A user is an Administrator role, Sales Rep role, or Crew Leader role. These roles have their own login and access to the treezi app. For example, for small tree company with 3 crews, a total of 5 users would be sufficient: 1 for office admin, 1 for sales, 3 for each crew leader.

What version of QB does treezi work with?

Our QB importer will only work with desktop versions of quick books, it will not work with QB online.

Can I print paper estimates and invoices?

Yes, you can generate a PDF of any estimate you create to get a printable version.

What happened to ArborPlus, and how is this different?

If you’re familiar with ArborPlus, then you probably knew that our late founder, Jeremy Tibbets, developed ArborPlus with the goal of making his West-coast based tree company, A Plus Tree, better and faster to scale. He had a vision to give back to the industry and was anxious to provide value. So he pushed ArborPlus to market in 2013, and then another “Boost” version in 2016.

ArborPlus is A Plus Tree’s proprietary software and the operating engine that runs A Plus. After Jeremy’s unexpected passing in October 2017, legal discoveries were made that exposed our software and compromised our tree care business. We were forced to pull it back and terminate outside agreements.

We are continuously developing ArborPlus, but now for the sole use of A Plus.

Treezi is a newly branded product, powered by the ArborPlus platform. As a separate product, we now have the freedom to operate independent from A Plus.

The goal of Treezi is to offer the market place a software solution that is better, and more affordable for tree care owners. We’ve been listening and have learned a lot from our users and are intimately acquainted with the tree-centric challenges that are common to business owners.

Can I import other tree inventories?

Yes you can. Currently you’ll have to send a request to our IT and we’ll do it from the backend. We are building out the feature to where you can easily import your own.

If you're a tree company, how do I know my data is safe?

Great question. In the competitive landscape of tree work, it’s worth asking. First, we have no interest in stealing anything, client data is only as important as the relationships you form and keep. Our intention for treezi is to offer the industry something that has helped our tree care business grow. To have alternate intentions would only hurt our reputation and integrity and undermine our mission for treezi.

Who owns the data?

Both you as the tree company, and Treezi will own the data. As treezi grows and more and more people input tree inventory data, we see this data as being integral in understanding trends in our urban forests. We work with universities and share this kind of data for greater analysis.

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